Thursday, April 26, 2012

Phase Report

Wow, I have been really bad at posting the phase reports! Part of this has been because we had only one dog in training.  But now, 3 more dogs have gone back and I thought I should probably start doing it again!
Weston Graduated a few weeks ago!
Harlene is in phase 8, just waiting for a match!
Bev is in phase 0
Brayden is in phase 0
Ruby is in Breeder Evaluations!

If you have any puppies you would like me to post on here as well, you are welcome to comment with the name(s)!


  1. I love that you say *only* one dog in training. We go through months where we don't have any, and it's rare that my club has 2 right now! (Calypso and Saxon) - did any of your club pups go to Oregon?

  2. Haha, you're right Mandy! It has been so long since our club has had no dogs in training, I had forgotten!

    None of our pups have gone to Oregon.

    I believe Bev was going to be in Oregon but they must have pulled a different dog becase she is in SR.

    I would love for one of my dogs to go to Oregon someday.

    Good luck to Saxon!

  3. We have 4 dogs in training right now, with 3 of them in Oregon! Almost all of our dogs have been going to the Oregon campus for some reason. In OR, Gaston is in 0, Elton is in 4, and Sammy is in 8. Lloyd in SR is in 4 :)

  4. Emily, That's awesome! We haven't had a dog go to Oregon in over a year but I would love for Carrie to go!

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