Meet Fairfield

                                                            Puppy #1: Faifield
On August 2nd, 2008 I recieved my first puppy, Fairfield, at the San Rafael Fun Day ceremony.
 I remember when they handed him to me all I could think was "He is HUGE!"  He was the biggest puppy presented that day.  In the time that we had him he continued to grow and grow and grow.  It got to a point where he was growing faster than we could keep weight on him. He was on 6 cups of food a day and he was still too skinny. Luckily his body eventually stopped growing and allowed his weight to catch up.  When we finally turned him in for formal training he was an extremely handsom  75 lb dog!
Fairfield was my first puppy and he was quite the challenge. He had a bit of a food obsession (Understandably because he was always so skinny) and he was a "Poop Walker" (Sorry haha).  We were sure that we would recieve a call saying that we should come down and pick him up because he was obviously not meant for guide work.
But the call didn't come and Fairfield was matched with the best family I could have hoped for!  He is now guiding his partner in Fresno California- just a few hours from where we live!

Male Yellow Lab
DOB: 5-16-08
Sire: Bosworth
Dam: Vonnie
Status: Working Guide, graduated 1-23-10
Fritter- Guide
Foxfire- Guide
Fidelity- Guide
Focus- CC'd
Florry- CC'd
Frisky- CC'd

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