Meet Carrie

Puppy #4: Carrie
I picked up Carrie on May 27th, 2011.
She was an adorable little girly. Her sister, Cameo, also joined our group that day.
In the beginning she seemed to like to test boundaries. I thought I was going to have my hands full training her. But she ended up getting over her troublesome faze in just a few months and I am super happy that we got it over with in the beginning!

I have so many fond memories of Carrie. She walked across the stage with me at my high school graduation, went to Disneyland with me, went to the Nutcracker Ballet, rode BART to San Francisco, and attended school with me nearly every day.

Carrie graduated as a guide on November 21st 2012. She was partnered with a wonderful woman in Colorado!
5/8 lab, 3/8 Golden
DOB: 3-16-11
Sire: Simon
Dam: Leslie
Status: Guide
Cavalia- CC'd
Cameo- Guide
Cadence- CC'd
Cammie- Guide
Caprice- CC'd
Chip- Guide
Clancy- CC'd

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