Thursday, April 5, 2012


A while ago, Carrie got approved to go to Disneyland! So a few days ago we piled all 4 dogs into the car and drove the 6 hours to Disneyland!

Carrie was happy just to be going somewhere
But then she realized how long the carride was and decided to use Duke as a pillow
When we got there, it was late so we checked into a dog-friendly hotel and went to sleep.  The first day in Disneyland, we left Carrie at the hotel.  We wanted to get a chance to scope everything out and do some rides that we couldn't do with Carrie. 
Carrie was a good girl and stayed in an Xpen that I brought along.  We came back twice throughout the day to potty her and give her a good walk. 
 I think it was really good for her to stay behind. We don't leave her much so it was nice to know that she could handle being alone for so long.

The next day was Carrie's day! We took the shuttle over and the first thing we did was get her a Disney hat!
She looked super cute and everyone there loved it! She wore it on and off throughout the day!

After we got her hat, we did some fun Carrie things.  She got to go to Tom Sawyer's Island where we went into all sorts of cool caves and over some really neat bridges. To get to the island, you have to take a big raft and she did wonderfully both times we went on it!
After that we took the train! Carrie wasn't phased by it at all which was good. Then she got her picture in Dumbo!

After Dumbo we took her to that really neat futuristic place with the moving floors. She wasn't at all phased by the moving floors which was weird because even I was a little bit dizzy after walking on them for a while.  We also got to take her on a glass floor! No problems there either!

Looking back, I can't believe we got so much done in just 4 hours! Carrie did really really well.  I am very proud of her and look forward to hopefully getting the chance to take her again sometime before her recall!


  1. Go Carrie! Such a good girl!

  2. Oh Disneyland -- how fun! I haven't taken either one of my guides there ... hope so sometime soon.

  3. Based on that last picture, it looks like she had WAY too much fun! :)

  4. Sounds like so much fun! Carrie seems like such a fantastic dog!

  5. Thanks guys! It deffinately was a great experience and having Carrie with me made it about 100 times better! ;)

  6. @Spark and Madison- I know! I love it too! It has her name embroidered on the back as well (:

  7. Love that last photo! How cute and what a neat adventure for Carrie!