Thursday, April 12, 2012

Change of Plans

So, just yesterday I told you all that I had been assigned a puppy from a 7/8ths cross litter.

Well, today, I got home from school and had an email.  Apparently there has been a change of plans guys. 
I have now been assigned to a female full golden retriever from the Franklin x Pearl litter!  They were born 4-9-12 and the litter letter is "A".

I am not really sure how but I guess there was a miscommunication between my leader and our CFR. So now I am planning on picking this little girl up right on her 8-week-day on June 5th!

Here is a picture I found of daddy, Franklin:


  1. Placer is a Franklin puppy. He's a super nice puppy- very goldeny, but super nice and has been fairly easy for us.

  2. @Mickelle- How exciting! Thank you for letting me know! Now there will be 2 Franklin pups with a blog!

  3. I'm so jealous! Congrats on getting a full golden this time! I can't wait to see some adorable pictures :)

  4. @Bethany- The funny thing is, I almost ended up with one of GEB Mia's puppies! She had a litter that came out this week and my CFR offered me one. I had to turn it down though because it wouldn't have worked with my school schedule..