Friday, September 13, 2013


He did it!!

Partner is officially a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind!

We can't be Partner's Breeder Custodians because Guide Dogs will call and need him down at the campus to be bred to an in-season female at a moment's notice and we are simply too far away for it to work.

Right now GDB is looking for the perfect, loving family for him where he will live as a pet (A well behaved pet). It is his new family's job to take him to his "dates". 
Once they find him a new family he will get a graduation date! At his graduation instead of presenting him to his visually impaired handler, I will be presenting him to his new family.

I have had a few people ask me if I was disappointed that Partner is going to be a breeder and not a Guide Dog.
The answer? 

Although Partner won't go on to help a blind person directly, he is capable of producing hundreds of offspring! His puppies will go on to become guide dogs or even breeders. Indirectly, he will be helping countless people!
Very few male breeders are chosen each year and it is not only a huge honor that he was chosen but also a testament for what a rock-solid dog he is!

So what now?
Now I wait... 
Partner will hopefully be bred sooner rather than later and 4 months after he is bred I will be picking up my very first grandpuppy!

Until then...
Meet Kingston:

I have this guy 3 days a week to try and get him through some issues. So far so good! He's doing great and I'm having a blast!