Monday, April 16, 2012

13 Reasons Why I LOVE This Dog

Wow, I cannot believe that in just one more month, Carrie will be old enough to be recalled for her formal training. To celebrate her 13 months here are 13 reasons it will break my heart to let her go:

1. Carrie is a spooner! We literally have it down to where I just lay down on the ground with a blanky and she turns in a 1/2 circle so her back is against my tummy and her head is resting on my arm <3

2. I love how Carrie is a "good" kisser. Okay, this one sounds funny! But seriously, she is great at giving those quick kisses that don't have any tongue ;)

3. Carrie's likes to show people how wonderful she is for having her toys! She is a total toy parader and likes to grab a toy and do a full body wiggle- or her "Happy Dance", as I like to call it.

4. Now combine #2 & #3 and you get Carries absolute favorite thing to do: Give kisses with toys in her mouth! Now this one can be a little dangerous and we try not to praise her too much for it. But she has so much fun we let her do it a little! (Just as long as the toy in her mouth has no sharp edges haha)

5. Carrie has the most loving gaze ever!  Part most of this probably has something to do with all that wonderful food I carry around with me but she has this "gaze" that just melts my heart.  One of my teachers once told me "Everyone should have somebody to stare at them like that" lol.

6. She thinks that getting her ears cleaned is the best game ever! (Weird, I know).

7. Carrie trusts me. She knows that I make decisions that are best for her and is trusting enough to change her attitude towards things that might be scary.

8. I love how she is a good listener. We have a very large fenced area for the dogs to run around in.  Carrie has an amazing recall and will literally leave skid marks in the grass when she hears the word "Come".

9.  I love how she has a little bit of OCD and has to have her blankies perfectly alligned before she can lay down on them.

10. I love her happy-go-lucky personality. Having her with me is exactly what I need to brighten my day. And school is made approximately 1000Xs better!
11. I love how incredibly strongly I have bonded with her.

12. I love her silly smart bump

13. And I have loved  every single second I have had with her.  Even the ones that smelled bad ;)


  1. Oh, how sweet! I love #5, it's so true! The world would be a better place if everyone did! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness - it doesn't seem possible. And even though she's old enough doesn't mean she is does it? I love #7 and #9 and #10 and #11 and well, all of them really!

  3. @Lisa- You're right! And just because she's old enough doesn't mean I'm anywhere near ready!