Monday, April 9, 2012

My Blog is Expanding!

Please welcome "Frankie" to the blog!

Frankie is a Golden Retriever, Border Collie Cross and he has been selected to be a Diabetic Alert Dog.

One of the puppy raisers in our club trains these dogs to alert to blood sugar changes.  She asked my mom to help foster one since she is a liscened dog trainer and also a PR!
We are one of only 2 fosters the program has so far.  The way I understand it, the dogs are chosen from a local shelter based upon their ability and willingness to work as well as their general behavior. They are then boarded at The Local Bark where the trainers teach them scent discrimination and socialize them to the public.

Frankie is sort of a test dog for puppy raisers! We will be taking Frankie everywhere with us- just like the Guide Dog Puppies. We will also get the opportunity to teach him scent discrimination!

We will have Frankie for a few months while we work on exposing him to the world and training him to alert to the highs and lows in blood sugar that his next owner will experience.

So, my blog is expanding. I will try to keep you posted on Frankie as well as Carrie (Although I will still be focusing on Carrie).  We are still unsure if this will be a onetime experience or if we will be taking in another foster after Carrie returns for her formal training. If we do it again I will be starting a new blog!


  1. That's so exciting! Frankie is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to hear more about him! :-)

  2. Thanks Hannah! I can't wait to get to know him a little better and begin doing some scent work!