Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick Group Update

I would like to very quickly introduce 4 of our group's newest members.

Welcome to:


Britt is being started by a fellow college student.  Britt is her 3rd puppy! When her raiser's summer is over, she will be finished by her raiser's parents.

Laurel was presented at GDB's San Rafael Fun Day! She is her raiser's first puppy!


Portola is her raiser's 3rd puppy! Her raiser's 2 previous pups were full of energy but Portola is just the pokiest little thing! Quite the difference!

Taos (Pronounce Taus) is his raiser's first puppy. He is enormous- weighing in at 25lbs at 10 weeks! 

It is always exciting when our group receives new members! We are like a big family and I wouldn't have nearly as much fun without them.
Good luck to all of the new puppies and their raisers

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ventana and Ruby Graduate!

Today, two of our group's puppies graduated as working guides at Guide Dogs' San Rafael campus!

Ventana and Ruby are both now official guides and will both be staying in California.

Graduates lined up
Ventana's head in the front right corner

It was a great day for a graduation- not too hot which is always nice.  Unfortunately, GDB is redoing their dorms and graduation stage so this graduation was set up in a relatively tight area.  It was very hard to see and I was unable to get any pictures during the actual ceremony (Except a few of Partner).

Handsome Partner
After the ceremony, it was totally chaotic with so many people in such a tight space so I was only able to catch one quick (and not very good) picture of Ventana. 
Ventana in her GDB harness
I couldn't even find Ruby!

But Partner did get some pets and loves in by a whole bunch of people. It always surprises me how calm he is when people greet him.
A group of people surrounding Partner 
Rough Pets
Good luck in your new homes girls! And congratulations to your new handlers!

Top 2 pictures borrowed from Stanislaus County puppy raisers :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phase Report!

I wanted to share the good news with you all that this week Carrie has jumped to phase 7! 

I'm so so glad that she has finally moved out of phase 5! Hopefully either she worked through whatever was keeping her there or, as Ashley said, it is possible that her trainer has just been behind on her paperwork.

Carrie's sister Cavalia is in Phase 2
Her brother Chip is in phase 5

As for the rest of our club:


Was removed from breeder evaluations due to a littermate having a luxating patella. 
He has been altered and transferred to the Oregon campus.
He is in Phase 0.


Carrie's sister Cameo has been pulled for breeder! Yay! 
Their other sister Cammie has been pulled for breeder as well!


Spruce was removed from breeder watch due to 2 of his siblings being diagnosed with some form of dysplasia. He will be altered and placed into phase 0.

Ventana and Ruby are both graduating this weekend!

I am hopeful I will be able to attend- If I do, I will be sure to take pictures and post about how Partner does!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger!

I want to take a moment to apologize for the lack of updates to my poor blog! 

I really have no excuse other than laziness but with school starting on Monday, I am hoping that I will be able to get back into a routine.
I'm not really going to try to play catch up- Partner and I have been SO extremely busy that there would be endless posts!
All I will say is that Partner has been dragged with me everywhere and has handled everything extremely well! 

He is over 5 months old now and I am beginning to expect more from him. He will begin college classes with me soon (I don't think I will take him the first few days just so I can give my teachers a heads-up  that a dog will be coming to class) and has already been to a high school class with my sister! I was told that he did very well and slept the whole time (2 hrs) so hopefully he will behave himself in my classes!

Miss Carrie has been moving through her phases at an awkward and frustrating pace!
Generally, the dogs are in each phase for a week. 
My silly girl, decided that she would stay in phase 2 for 3 weeks and then jump all the way to phase 5! Now she has been stuck in 5 for 3 weeks! Ugh! Haha. 
Hopefully this Thursday, there will be a higher number on her report and whatever is keeping her in phase 5 is something she can work through!

Thanks for reading! 
Crossing my fingers hoping I will remember to blog more often!