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Our group's current puppies:
Romaine: MYL, 9-4-12, Vernon x Bloomer
Don: MYL, 9-21-12, McKinley x Elena
Jones: MYL, 11-26-12, Jolt x Nerita
Lipton: MYLGXX, 12-6-12, Tom x Fame
Brunei: FYL, 12-25-12, Jolt x Lucinda
Gresham: MYLGX, 1-13-13, Picasso x Toffee
Omar: MBL, 2-14-13, Jolt x Peeka
Cabana: FBL, 3-13-13, Calgary x Anadale
Lloyd: MYL, 5-1-13, Vernon x Carsey
Orion: MYL, 5-19-13, Phoenix x Karina
Butter: FYL, 6-14-13, Bosworth x Provence
Mateo: MYL, 7-17-13, William x Mona

In Formal Training:

Portola: FYL, 5-11-12, Vernon x Ultra
LaurelFBL, 5-12-12, Tito x Justina

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2013 Graduates:

PartnerBreeder: MGLD, 3-9-12, GEB's Onslo x GDF's Sue
AshlandMYL, 12-31-11, Flamenco x Stacy
Elona- Breeder: FBL, 1-22-12, Vernon x Gallery
Carnival- Breeder: FBL, 11-2-11, Pike x Neva
FiddlerGuide: MGLD, 9-28-11, Johnny x Pebbles
LoomisGuide: MYL, 3-30-11, Mckinley x Nell
SpruceGuide: MYL, 5-24-11, David x Aqua
CameoGuide: FYLGXXX, 3-16-11, Simon x Leslie

2013 Career Changes:

Kingston: MYL, 8-10-12, David x Stacy
Krista (Health)FYL, 8-10-12, David x Stacy
Taos (Health)MYL, 6-5-12, Shane x Charity
Wes: MYL, 9-22-11, Ozzie x Gracie
Marguerite: FGLD, 10-5-11, Macallan x Kaylee
Britt (Health): FYL, 4-9-12, Tito x Peach

2012 Graduates:

CarrieGuide: FYLGXXX, 3-16-11, Simon x Leslie
Noe- Guide: FBL 4-1-10, Jay x Lapis
Weston- Guide: MYL, 8-2-10, Forte x Basia
Harlene- Guide: FBL, 5-6-10, David x Winter
Bev- Guide: FYL, 12-22-10, David x Deanne
Brayden- Guide: MYL, 2-4-11, Jay x Tilda
RubyGuide: FYL, 12-7-10, Alonzo x Holly
VentanaGuide: FYL, 1-26-11, Nicasio x Athena

2012 Career Changes:
Jamaica: FBL, 7-5-10, Parson x Julie
Aggie: FBL 3-4-11, Nicasio x Carlita
Lipton: MBL, 10-5-11, Pike x Catina

2011 Graduates:
Lyndon- Guide: MYL, 5-1-10, Denzel x Dorcella
Nalo- Guide: FBL, 11-11-09, Dylan x Gialana
Mcgee- Guide (retired): MYL, 5-30-09, Atrus x Kyris
Mckinley- Breeder: MYL, 5-30-09, Atrus x Kyris
Cupcake- Guide: FYL, 8-6-09,David x Racine
Marna- Guide; FYL, 10-30-09, Kentucky x Sunset
Calhoun- Guide: MBL, 10-27-09, Jay x Georgette

2011 Career Changes:
Shawnee: FBL, 4-13-10, Kentucky x Marin
Hanalei (health): FBL, 3-23-10, Dylan x Aqua
Schafer (health): MGLD, 5-13-10, Abbott x Kaylee
Sabrina (health): FGLD, 5-13-10, Abbott x Kaylee
Charles: MYL, 7-2-11, Marino x Lovey
Phillip: MYL, 6-5-10, Parson x Bruna

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