Sunday, April 22, 2012

San Francisco!

Yesterday was a really big day for Carrie!

My friend, Emily (You can see her blog HERE), invited us to her group's annual San Francisco trip!
Emily's puppy, Keith
So we got up early and drove down to the Pleasanton BART station with a fellow group member and her puppy Bev:
Bev on the SF trip
This was actually Bev's last outing as she is going back to Guide Dogs for her Formal Training today! Good luck Bev!

When we got to pleasanton we were met by Emily and several members from her club as well as some members from the Fresno puppy club.
When everyone was there we all took BART to San Francisco! (There may have been a small hiccup where a few people got stuck on the train- but everybody got back safely! Lol.)

Carrie on her first BART ride
Once we were in the city we walked the mile it takes from the BART station to get to Pier 29.  It was great for the dogs to be able to be exposed to all the sights and sounds of San Francisco.  We got a lot of traffic work in and Carrie showed no reaction to any of it which was great!
A shot of the group
 When we got to Peir 29 we all split up to walk around and go out to lunch. Emily and I traded dogs so Carrie got to experience being handled by someone else...
Carrie looking up at Emily
And I got to work with Keith! (Who, by the way, is the happiest, sweetest guy!).
I think Keith and Carrie liked eachother!
We took them to see the Sea Lions as well! They were making funny noises and the dogs wanted to get as close as possible so they crammed their noses into the chain-link fence. Haha.
Keith and Carrie were great at lunch too! At one point the waitor dropped a fork that almost landed on Keith! The silly puppy didn't even open his eyes!

After that, Emily and her sister stayed in San Fran while we left with the rest of the group. 
On the way back, we got a chance to meet and talk to a Guide Dog and Handler team!

Tessa was a 9 year old golden retriever. We learned that Tessa is an official French Citizen (She has been issued a French Passport!) and has traveled the world with her handler!

This was an amazing trip and I really hope that we will be able to do it again sometime! Emily and I are hoping to go again in June!

p.s. I hope it was okay that I used some of your pictures Emily!


  1. Of course it's okay! It was such a fun trip and I can't wait to go back again! :)

  2. We would love updates on Carrie--if you have time

  3. How awesome - that's great! What a neat outing!

  4. What a great outing! Sounds like pups and raisers did a fabulous job!

    Heidi & Suzanne

  5. Thank you Suzanne and Lisa! It was a great outing!

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