Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frankie's First Day of School

Today was Frankie's very first day of High School!

In the morning when we first got there, he was very nervous. Much different than any of my GDB puppies!
He is a little uncomfortable in new situations. He was a bit unsure of certain people-specifically large people.  When tall people walked by he would sort of do a little crouching "I'm not okay with you yet" stance.
Surprisingly though, after just a couple hours he had completely stopped doing this and was allowing everyone to pet him.

In my first 2 classes he was fidgety and didn't understand the whole laying down thing.  I let him kinda wander on a short leash and was clicking (Yes, I get to use a clicker!) and treating him whenever he was relaxed.  By my 3rd class he was able to stay on a down for longer than a few moments and by my 4th he was able to sleep through the whole thing!

I am amazed at how quickly he went from being a scared little dog to a confident puppy. He is a lot more work than Carrie but it is so much fun!

From now on, it looks like Frankie will be coming with me every Monday and Thursday (The days when Carrie goes with my mom to work in the hospital).

I can't wait to take him again!
Such a happy guy!

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