Meet Tisha

Puppy #2: Tisha
On May 27th, 2009 We drove down to the San Rafael campus to pick up our second puppy.  When they handed her to me they said "This is the angel of the litter!".

They were right too! She was a little angel.  She was the first girl dog I had ever had and she became the little princess of the house.  We still had Fairfield for a few months before he went back for training and he took on the role of big brother.  It was super cute how he spoiled her. 

She was always a very calm, softer type dog.  When she went into season for the first time she had to go to the Guide Dog campus for 3 weeks. When she got back she was really clingy. She really only liked to walk with either me or my mom and when someone else tried to take her she would balk and try to not go. It got even worse after her second season.  When we sent her in for training she was career changed early on (Officially for "refusal to walk near male dog urine") but I think they mostly just called it that because no one really knew why she was doing it.

We placed her with a really great family a few hours from us and she is living the life of a spoiled pet!
Female Black Lab
DOB: 3-25-09
Sire: Dylan
Dam: Trina
Status: CC'd, Beloved pet to a wonderful family
Tabby- Guide
Tamika- CC'd
Teka- Guide
Thyme- Guide
Tibbs- Guide


  1. I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I raised Tamika! She is the complete opposite of Tisha. Bold, mischievous, and incredibly food obsessed. She was class ready and matched and was switched due to a difference in pacing with her handler. Before being matched again, she was CC'd for naughty behaviors at home (an instructor took her home for eval). She's now also living the good life with a family member. Tisha looks so much like Tamika.


  2. Wow! How neat! Thank you so much for commenting! They do sound different! Funny how That would happen!
    I'm glad tamika is doing so well! If you have pictures you wouldn't mind sending me I would love to see them!
    My email is sydneyandpups (at) gmail (dot) com.
    Thanks again!