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Puppy #5: Partner
I picked up Partner on May 26th 2012

I knew when they told me who I was getting that he would be a special puppy. He had been flown in from New York and was the product of a partnership between 3 schools. His sire is from Guiding Eyes and his dam is from the Guide Dog Foundation. We believe that that is how he got his name.
When they brought him out to me, my first thought was "He's so tiny!". When they told me I would be getting   an 11 week old puppy I thought they would be handing me a monster! But Partner was only 17lbs.

He had such a fantastic personality! Willing and eager to please, a total cuddle-bug and the biggest goofball on the planet! He learned quickly and his only real issue in the entire time that I had with him was some separation barking.
To get him over that he started coming to work with me full-time. I work in a dog kennel so not only did he get some wonderful kennel experience, he also learned how to be alone for hours at a time.

By the time he got called back to Guide Dogs for breeder evaluations he was ready and just 2 and a half months later he was officially a breeder.

Golden Retriever
DOB: 3-9-12
Sire: GEB's Onslo
Dam: GDF's Sue
Status: Breeder
Littermates: Unknown

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