Friday, March 30, 2012

Flu Bug...

So, pretty much everyone in our house has been sick recently!

My sister has had bronchitis and me, my dad and mom have all had pneumonia.  And THEN poor Carrie got the Flu!

I didn't even know dogs could get the flu but 3 other dogs from our group have gotten it.

She stopped eating on Wednesday and when Carrie stops eating you know something's wrong.  A few hours after she skipped breakfast, she started throwing up.
I let her take the day off of school and hoped that she would feel better later.

Unfortunately, she didn't get better right away.  She didn't eat for another day and ended up getting diarrhea as well :(

Poor baby.

But I am happy to say that today, she was completely back to normal! Yay!

She even got to come to the guide dog meeting this afternoon (My leader assured me that she was no longer contagious).  Here are some pictures:

Carrie's first day back at school

Carrie and Career Change Douglas

Pretty Girl :)

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  1. Poor girl! I didn't know they could get the flu either...until Spark had it this winter. Not fun. Glad she is feeling better!