Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Refusal!

So... I have been a bad blogger :/
But that doesn't meen I haven't been a good puppy raiser! Carrie and I have been doing all sorts of fun things- some of them are more fun for me than her ;)

Lately, we have been working on food refusal.  Food refusal is an important part of a guide dog puppy's job.  If Carrie makes it as a guide, she will have to ignore the constant food distractions in order to focus on her job.

I first started working on this with her when she was really small. Up until recently, I haven't tried anything other than her dog food and any food that we happen to walk past at the high school.

Now that I have been focusing on it, I am having a lot of fun! She is just soo good at it!  She sits still while I arrange the food and then just stays while I reward her every once and a while.
Here she is refusing her food...
And here she is ignoring some french fries...
A little blurry but here she is refusing a cracker that is being offered to her by my mom
I haven't tried anything more enticing than the frenchfries but I am hoping to be able to get her up to hotdog.
Think she can do it?


  1. WOW, she is a rock star!! I've never really tried it with anything other than their dog food either! Now I want to try!!! Too bad I don't have a puppy old enough or mature enough to handle it that well!! ;) Go you!

    1. Thanks! It is so much fun! Clara and #5 will be pros in no time ;)

  2. Haddie started young too - and she is great at refusal and ignoring. Our Trainer brought in a box of leftover food from a restaurant months ago, put it under the table, and had the dogs do an Under right next to it. Haddie refused the urge to sniff/take every time it was her turn. Starting young is key - way to go you guys!!!

    1. Good girl Haddie! Yes, I deffinately believe that the earlier the better with stuff like this.

  3. Love these pictures... I can tell you are a conscientious puppy raiser and that can make all the difference for her when she enters formal training - this will be old hat! Great job!!