Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Brings Thoughts of...


Is it too early to start thinking about that?

I always get my puppies in May so that they are mature enough to come to school with me in the Fall.

Since I get them in May, they are born in March! (Hence the reason I begin to let myself start thinking about a new little bundle of fur)

I actually submited my puppy application back in November. I requested a golden retriever but only time will tell if one will be available for me ;)

How about some baby pictures??

Young Carrie
Little Hanalei with mud on her  nose
Baby Tisha
Small-ish Fairfield (He was never really tiny)


  1. That's cool that you always get your puppy in May! :) Will you keep raising in college? I'm in college, but still at home, but next year I'll be going away to college, thankfully I'll be in an area with a region for GEB so I'll get to keep raising. :) I hope you get a golden so I can see lots of pictures! I want a golden so bad, but it looks like I'll have to wait a while. haha

    1. Hi Bethany! I will be going to a JC for 2 years and will be staying at home. So I will raise at least another 2 pups. After that, both schools I want to go to are animal focused ( Moore park and UC Davis) so it will mostly just be a matter of living arrangements. I really hope we will be able to make it work because I am seriously addicted to these puppies! And I so too :). But if not, you can never be too sad once they hand you an adorable little puppy ;)