Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Today was Carrie's Birthday!!
And boy oh boy did she have a big day!

Her birthday celebrations actually started yesterday.  She works at two places (The school and the hospital) so she got to have TWO parties!

We made a poster to put up at the hospital letting them know they could come get a cookie. Compliments of Carrie of course :)
Everyone loves Carrie at the hospital so when they heard that it was her birthday she was given lots of extra love.  One of my mom's friends took her out for a super long walk and made her wear her birthday hat (:

Then, today I took her to school and- even though it was dumping rain and she was wearing a rain coat instead of a party hat- all of the kids wished her happy birthday.

And THEN (as if that wasn't enough) we went to a puppy meeting and brought cake for everyone to share!

I can't believe she is a year! These past 10 months have gone by incredibly fast! I can't wait to see what is in store for her in the future- whatever it may be. But I must say, I am NOT ready for turn in! I love this dog sooo much!


  1. Happy Birthday, Carrie!!!! You are one sweet looking puppy!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Carrie! :) I can't believe her litter is already a year old.

  3. Happy Birthday Carrie! Sounds like you had a great day(er days). You look so pretty in your raincoat.

  4. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! She had a great day and got to sleep with me on the floor! :D