Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We got a letter today!

     Today we got a letter confirming that Carrie is not being considered for breeder due to her crossbite.  We will be scheduling her an appointment soon!  Surprisingly, I am excited about her being altered! 
     Carrie is the first puppy I have had that has gotten an alter notice prior to going back for formal training.  I'm happy that we don't have to suffer through heat cycles with her- sending them away for 3 weeks is always hard- and we also won't have to worry about breeder evaluations with her when she is back at Guide Dogs.
     For me, Breeder Evals are the hardest part of their formal training because you may not hear about them for months!  Since she will be returning altered, she will be able to skip right to Phase 0, the beginning of training.


  1. I am glad you started a blog.
    It was nice meeting you and Hanalei for a moment at Fun Day!

  2. Thanks! It was nice meting you guys as well! I hope halette does well in training!