Monday, September 19, 2011

6 Things at 6 Months!

     A few days ago, Carrie turned 6 months old!  Here are a few fun facts about Carrie to celebrate her half birthday!

  1. Carrie has a large bump on top of her head from her golden retriever genes.  We call it a "Smart Bump" since she's such a smart little thing.
  2. She is SUPER food motivated and will do anything to get that magic word that means food is coming ("Nice")
  3. She is very photogenic and it is easy to get good pictures of her
  4. She is a hyper puppy but is still able to focus and calm down enough for me to take her with me to highschool
  5. She can be a bit stubborn and is learning that we can't always do what she thinks sounds good.
  6. Carrie is a snuggle bug! She loves to cuddle and if I am sitting on the ground she will come and sit on my lap :)

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