Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carrie was spayed today!

     Today we took Carrie to the vet to be spayed.  She was a little excited when we first got in.  There were other dogs there and I couldn't use food protocol with her since she wasn't supposed to eat before her surgery.  She was able to calm down with calm praise though and you could tell that she really wanted to do the right thing!
     Once she had calmed down I weighed her, she weighs 49.6lbs.  I left after that.
     When I went and picked her up she was still kinda groggy.  When I got her home she walked inside like a little hunchback.  She keeps making super sad groaning noises and giving us looks like this:

Carrie giving her "what have you done to me?" look
 She's never had a very good tolerance for pain so I knew this would be tough for her.  I sure am glad we got this out of the way though!  One less thing to worry about for her when she returns for formal training (hopefully we will make it that far!)

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