Monday, September 12, 2011

Carrie's First Thunderstorm!

     It seems like there have been a lot of firsts for Carrie these last couple of weeks!  Yesterday was her very first thunderstorm!  It can be a little nerve wracking for puppies during a thunderstorm- if any of you have seen Marley and Me than you know that some dogs go completely berserk! 
     I was especially worried about Carrie because when we first got her she was a bit afraid of loud trucks (She got over this eventually but it took us about 2 weeks of walks in heavy traffic 3 times a day).  When the storm started though she didn't even seem to notice.  She was much too caught up in the fact that the ground was all wet- this was also her first rain and she thought it looked like SO much fun!  We were even able to let her out on a long line to go play around while the thunder was going on.
     All in all, she handled her first storm wonderfully and there was really no need to worry.

Sorry about not having any pictures, my camera was dead

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