Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leader's Meeting

Today Carrie spent the day with my mom at a leader's meeting!
A random Carrie picture :)
For those that don't know, GDB puppy raising clubs have a head leader and co-leaders and my mom is one of the co-leaders.  Once a year, leader's meetings are offered so that leaders get the opportunity to go and learn the new happenings of Guide Dogs.  Each leader brings a dog and they learn more about fixing problems etc.

My mom took Carrie which had me both excited and nervous! I was happy that she was getting to experience a new environment with so many other dogs but I was a little bit nervous because the CFRs all attend the meetings as well. (It is the CFR's job to evaluate each individual dog and decide whether or not they will go on to their formal training).  

It turns out, I had no reason to worry.  My mom said that Carrie was a really good girl, our CFR handled her a little and didn't bring up any issues.  My mom did bring up Carrie's tendency to rub a little bit with her head collar when it first gets put on.  She didn't seem too concerned about it but did give us some helpful tips that I will be using from now on.
I guess she was also used as a demo dog for "go to bed". Which I hear she did well at once she understood what was happening! I think my mom forgot that there was a lot going on and Carrie decided to take a  few seconds to sniff around haha.  After that though she brought her A-game and did exactly what she was supposed to.

I'm really glad Carrie got to go and experience this! I think it was really good for her and it was nice to hear that she did so well.  

While she was there, my mom also learned that they are really trying not to call dogs back before 15 months which means I will probably get a little more time with my girl! Yay!

P.S> Stay tuned for some interesting news tomorrow!

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