Wednesday, May 16, 2012

14 Months Old!!

Today is a big day! Carrie turns 14 months old today which means that she is technically old enough to be called back to Guide Dogs for her formal training at any time! (Yikes!).

For her 14 month post, I just wanted to share 14 of my favorite pictures of her. (You have probably already seen them all since they are my favorite haha).
So, in no particular order, my favorite pictures:
Itty Bitty Baby Carrie
In her Guide Dog Puppy attire
Dressed up like a princess for the Nutcracker Ballet
Working hard in English class
Her trip to Disneyland
Her first birthday
All smiles!
Silly Sitter
First Christmas
What a good girl!
The first picture we took of her!
Carrie and I at the beach
Senior portraits
Disneyland hats!


  1. Such a pretty girl! Happy month-day, Carrie!

  2. Aw... such great photos. Happy Month-day!