Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Final Evaluation

Last night, Carrie had an evaluation with our CFR, Celeste.  Since Carrie is over 14 months old, this was considered her final evaluation.  This is the time when our CFR evaluates her maturity level and overall behavior and decides when or if she will be on the recall.

Carrie did SO well!! 
I got there a little early and another puppy's eval. was still going on.  Celeste was able to see that Carrie can walk calmly into a room with other dogs and immediately settle under a table while we waited for the other dog to be done.  
After that, Celeste took Carrie outside and walked her around a little bit. She took her up to the road to see how she would do around the traffic.  Carrie wasn't phased by it and she walked well on her leash! 

When we got back inside, Celeste told me that she had been watching Carrie during the leader's meeting on Saturday and had really liked her temperament. She mentioned that she loved how Carrie is able to just kind of relax and go with the flow when she is somewhere where she needs to be calm but then has the get-up-and-go and the drive needed when it is time to go do something. 
She said that Carrie is ready and told me to be prepared for her to get called back soon after she turns 15 months. She also said that she would be recommending her for breeder! Unfortunately, I had to break the news to her that Carrie is already spayed due to her cross-bite :(. 

I am so incredibly proud of Carrie! She did so well and, even though I am sad that she will be leaving me soon, I do know that she's ready! It will break my heart to say goodbye but I know that no matter what she decides to do, she will always be my silly, happy-go-lucky girl!
I love her sooo much! 


  1. Woohoo!! I wish I could meet that sweet face! She is going to do AMAZING!!!! :-)

  2. Way to go Carrie! I can't believe the litter is that old. I haven't heard any updates on Cadence yet.

  3. Great job Carrie! Way to show off!

  4. Funny I posted yesterday that I hadn't heard any updates on Cadence and last night got an email from our leader. Cadence (who was transferred to another club back in November) was career changed for dog distractions. She is heading back to Oregon today to be placed. :)

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I'm trying to keep track of her littermates. Sorry about the CC :( But I am 100% certain that they will find her a perfect home!

  5. Excellent job! Great work on traffic and keeping a calm dog as well. 8-) Good Luck!