Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fun Day!

A few days ago, my mom held a dog training class. She is studying for her dog training license and gave a free class to anyone who wanted to attend to give her more experience.

I went along to work Carrie around these dogs. It was a great experience for her as there was one dog that was extremely vocal.

Overall, she did well considering the level of distraction. There was a huge dog park just accross the way from where that was completely filled with dogs. We were also right in between a skate park, a playground and a trick bike track.

After I had worked Carrie around the other dogs I took her to the playground. They had this really neat rock-type-thing that had steps. This gave us a great opportunity to work with Carrie on heights.
Carrie at the top of the rock! (It was probably about 6ft high)

A picture of Carrie looking down at me

She did reasonably well up there. She was a little shaky the first time she tried the steps. They were nearly verticle and not in a straight line so they were a little tough to maneuver for her.  We did them a few more times until she was comfortable.

After that, I gave her a chance to watch some bikers and skate boarders.
A picture of the bike park
Carrie watching the kids doing tricks with their bikes
She was interested in the bikes and boards but was able to walk away without having to constantly look back. 
I am sure I looked like a complete creeper sitting there taking pictures of the park and my dog watching them haha.


  1. Looking like a creeper - yep, I can relate!! HaHa. Funny what we do with our dogs knowing that people are starring at US just as much as we are hanging around starring at them. =) Great Day for Carrie - perfect experiences!!

  2. Haha, Oh, the things we do for our dogs!