Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Changing Dog Food

This morning, I got an email from Guide Dogs reminding me that it is almost time to switch Carrie to adult food.
A screen capture of the email they sent to me. If you would like to read it you can click on it to make it bigger
Guide Dogs approves two adult dog foods: ProPlan All Life Stages and ProPlan Large Breed Shredded Blend. The other day I went to our local feed store and found a slightly ripped bag of the ProPlan Shredded Blend for half-off!
In a few weeks, I will begin gradually switching Carrie from her puppy food to her adult food.
Adult food (Left), Puppy food (Right)
To me, switching their food is one of those reminders that she is getting bigger and will be leaving me soon.
I'm going to keep being thankful for every moment I have with her. She is such a special girl!


  1. How exciting! I am working this week on switching Spark over to adult food.