Thursday, January 26, 2012

Phase Report!

Puppies raised in our group:
Noe is still in phase 8
Harlene is in phase 4! Good Girl Halrene!
Weston is in phase 0

Jamaica  in phase 0.
Hanalei's Littermates:
Halette is still in 8

Other Peoples' Dogs:
Luigi is in class to graduate next weekend! Good boy Luigi!
If you have a dog that you would like me to post the phase report for please comment on this post with the puppy's name.


  1. You're right, Tisha and Hanalei have that Dylan look.Tisha and Waffle both have the same ear set - I call them her happy ears.

  2. Thats exactly what got me- the ears! And then the droopy eyes looked like Lei so I thought that she must be. I adored both my Dylan puppies. Such good, calm dogs!

  3. You're welcome! :) He is in my friend's group and she said that he is staying in CA!