Thursday, January 5, 2012

Phase Report

Sorry this is late! I have had the flu :( hopefully it's over now though!
Puppies raised in our group:
Noe is in phase 8
Harlene is in phase 1
Weston is in Breeder Evals

Jamaica is in Breeder Evals
Hanalei's Littermates:
Halette is still in 8. Hopefully she will be matched when the new class comes in!

Other Peoples' Dogs:
Judy is in phase 4
Luigi is in phase 8!
I thought I would ask if anyone would like me to post these updates on any other dogs. If you have a dog that you would like me to post the phase report for please comment on this post with the puppy's name.


  1. Judy! And maybe Luigi if you wouldn't mind :) Thanks!

  2. Sure! I'll add them both now! Judy and Jamaica are sisters :)

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