Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our New Class

At the end of last semester I had an empty period that I needed to fill.  My counselor suggested that I become a Teacher's Assistant (TA) to the teacher of my choice!

I guess I'm not the normal student though, because instead of choosing the teacher I wanted to TA for, I chose the class.  And I took Carrie into consideration as well!

I ended up deciding on a Physical Education class. The teacher there loves dogs and is really great about letting me work with Carrie as long as I have finished whatever she needs from me. I thought that it would be the perfect class for Carrie to get used to all sorts of new distractions!

I won't be able to take pictures in this class though, but I will always include random ones :)

So far, the students in the class have been square dancing- not super exciting. But it has still been excelent for Carrie because I have been able to work her around their loud music and all of the students dancing.

I am also in charge of recording their mile times. This has been great for Carrie because she has always been a little excitable when people run past her. After just one week with the class, Carrie is no longer phased by them.  She is already able to be on a down stay while countless kids run by her.

I am super happy that I chose this class and I look forward to working Carrie around all of the new distractions that come with it!
Tomorrow, they begin Volleyball! Can't wait to work with her during THAT!

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