Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Nutcracker Ballet

Well, First off, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays! I hope you all had a great Christmas!  These last few days have been super busy but now we are finally home so I can catch up on my posts.

Our Christmas was pretty fast-paced this year and Carrie handled it wonderfully. She wasn't too phased by all of the new people and dogs coming and going. 
She was a good girl this year and Santa brought her a new (Hot Pink) Gentle Leader, a new leash, and a Tutu (You will see why later!).

The day after christmas we piled everyone in the car and headed down to San Franciso to meet up with even more people!  Carrie got a chance to stay in a hotel room with a bunch of little kids!

The next day we went to the Nutcracker! This is the first time I have had the opportunity to take one of my dogs to the ballet so....
We dressed her up!

Carrie waiting for the Ballet to start
(Notice her pretty new leash made by Mandy and Saxon)
A closeup of her Tutu :)
I must say, we all had so much fun! Everyone who saw her pointed her out. A bunch of little girls came up and told me they thought she was beautiful!

I was also very impressed with her behavior while we were there.  She stayed under the seat the whole time and slept.


  1. Love her - what fun!
    P.S. Who is the mom and sire of your club's new golden puppy?

  2. Thanks! We had loads of fun!

    Margeuri is a kaylee x macallan puppy. I believe macallan is an outside breeder. I got to see pictures of him and he is gorgeous!
    The two kaylee pups that were in our group previously were amazingly well behaved and calm. If not for their health problems, I have no doubt they would have gone on to become guides or breeders

    I love hearing from you! :)

  3. Hi Sydney, that sure is a pretty leash. :) I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun making it for you.

  4. Thanks I love it! You did a beautiful job! :D