Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Carrie Meets Santa

We took Carrie to get her picture taken with Santa yesterday! I picked the picture up today and boy is it cute! She is sitting kinda funny and I think it captures a little bit of her dorky-ness.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Dear Santa

    I just want my Dog to Stop Paw Chewing & Itching.

    I just want him to be able to Play and get some Sleep like he used to.

    I have tried Flea Products, Shampoo's, Special Diets, Med's ( OMG ! ) .. Nothing Works !!

    My Vet tells me that 85% of Itchy DOGs are Allergic to Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds.

    Allergy Shots are Out of the Question....

    What can I do to Neutralize my DOGs Allergies !?!?

    Santa… Please HELP my Dog ( and Me ).

    Frustrated Pet Parent.