Monday, December 19, 2011

Goodbye Hanalei

I recieved Hanalei as a tiny 9 week old puppy.  From the time that I first got her I knew that she was incredibly special.  She slept through the night from the first day we got her and has never done anything intentionally bad.  We called her a "pure soul" because she always seemed to want to do her very best to make us happy.

In August, Hanalei was Career Changed from Guide Dogs due to a very small cataract in one of her eyes. Luckily, the cataract is so small that it is very unlikely that it will ever affect her vision.

Since that day, Hanalei has been in training for a new job- Assisting a woman in a wheelchair.  We always knew that Hanalei would end up working. She loves to learn and has perfect manners in public.  We began teaching her the tasks that she will need to make her new owner's life easier and more enjoyable. 
She learned how to:
Pull on ropes to open or close doors, drawers and cupboards, make and unmake the bed,  etc.
Retrieve fallen objects of all shapes, sizes and textures and place them carefully into a lap without chewing.
Walk safely and confidently next to a wheelchair without pulling or lagging.
Follow a wheelchair through tight areas.
Gently pull pants up and down to make it easier for her new owner to go to the bathroom.
Step up onto a stool so that she can have her new vest put on.
Be calm and quiet during her new owners college classes.
Push cross-walk buttons.

Thoughout all of her training she showed us that she really did love to learn and work.  Even though she couldn't be a guide dog I think that this is what she is meant to do.  She adores her new handler and I don't think we could have matched them better. 

I hope she and her new owner have a wonderful time together! 

Some pictures of my time with her:
Dirty nose! 9 Weeks
10 weeks
8 months
9 months
Lei meets mickey- 9 months
15 Months


  1. YAY Hanalei. What an amazing career you've chosen. And a super partner you'll be! Congrats!

  2. Thank you for the well wishes! I hope she makes us proud :)

  3. Yay! I remember you telling me about the plans you had for her when she was career changed. I'm so glad to hear she has started her new life!

  4. Hey Laura! I am glad everything worked out as well :). If she had decided that she didn't want to be a working dog while we were training her we would have had to give her back to guide dogs for community placement. I'm happy she liked to work and we were able to give her to a family friend!