Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Award!

I would like to thank Paws for independence for giving me my first blog award, the Liebster Blog Award! Paws for independence is a wonderful blog about raising little Haddie for CCI.  I have really enjoyed following her blog and seeing the differences and similarities between Canine Companions for Indpendence and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Some other blogs I would like to give this award to:

Want to go for a Walk: I met the author of this blog while on my internship at Guide Dogs over the summer.  She just started her blog and I am certainly looking forward to hearing about her job at the GDB San Rafael campus!

Life With a Guide Dog in Training in College:  I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley's dog, Medford while I was on my internship as well.  He and his brother were amazing dogs and I have enjoyed hearing about him thorugh her blog.  She is getting ready to bring home a puppy that is hopefully his very soon!

Guide Dog Puppy: This blog is just amazing! Mandy and Saxon do a great job of blogging about their adventures! Mandy also makes beautiful leashes for sale at her Etsy store.

Ours for a Year: I love love love hearing about the amazing life of Career Change Cabana!  Not all dogs are meant to be guides and Cabana's life as a CC dog shows that her life can be just as glamorous! I especially love the post about "Before dog and After dog".

Sorry if I gave this award to people who have already recieved it. There are so many great blogs out there and I love reading about all of the amazing programs out there for the dogs! I would love to maybe someday raise a puppy for another organization.  The blogging world has really opened my eyes about what is out there!