Monday, November 7, 2011

There Was a Farm That Had a...

Where we live allows us to have many animals.  Here are a few of the animals Carrie is able to be exposed to around our property:

A Mama Llama and her baby
Baby duckies (who have since grown up and become big, grouchy duckies)

Albert the Goose

Prince Charming

Living on property with a lot of different animals lets Carrie get used to a variety of destractions which could be beneficial if she goes on to become a guide.


  1. I love the picture of Prince Charming and the horse. This is random but what is the name of the horse? I LOVE horses so that is why I'm asking.

  2. I love your rooster's name! Thanks for following my blog! I enjoy your blog.

  3. Thanks!
    Maddie- my horse's name it sweety :)

    Thanks spark and Madison! All of our hens were named after disney princesses so we decided to name our rooster prince charming!