Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remembering the Tired Days

I was looking through pictures today and found this one:

Carrie was my first puppy that openly HATED her crate.  For the first two weeks she cried and cried for hours at bed time.  At one point I was so tired I barricaded the two of us into a corner using a puppy X Pen, grabbed blankets, pillows and a dog bed and just crashed. 
I think she was as tired as I was. 

Apparently someone in my family found us like this and decided to take a picture.

Shortly after this, I descovered that the reason she hated her crate so much was because she didn't have a blanky (Guide Dog Puppies aren't supposed to have blankets in the kennel in case they were to eat it and get a bowel obstruction). 
I ended up getting special permission from my leader and she hasn't made a peep since. (Nor has she ever eaten her blanket)