Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Super Busy!

This past week has been incredibly busy for Carrie and me!
We have been doing SO much! And it's only going to get more hectic as we get into the holidays!
Last Friday, Carrie came with me to school where she went to another rally!  She dressed in her lime green and behaved herself beautifully!

After school, we went home for about an hour, then went to a guide dog meeting and then directly after that we went and saw Disney on ice!  She was wonderful during the performance as well.  She slept the whole time- she had to have been tired after having such a busy day.

The day after that, Saturday, we helped out at a fundraiser for a friend of ours at whole foods.  I was in charge of making balloon animals (which popped alot!).  Carrie handled this fine as well.  The first pop woke her up but after that she learned to ignore them.  She was also exposed to a ton of small children who came to the event.  While we were there, I painted a pumpkin for her:
On Sunday we tried to take it a little easy but I still took her out for some traffic work.  We walked to Apple Hill next to the backed up traffic.  It was great for her to get used to the smells of the traffic while it was moving slowly. 

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