Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catching up

So, it has been a few months since I have updated you on Mr. Partner.

I need to fix that!

Basically, he is amazing!

He has been coming to college with me since the beginning of the semester and has recently started coming with me to my work- I work at a dog kennel and he is learning to stay calmly in a dog run.

He is still as confident as any of the Labs I have raised- something I have heard is rare with the Goldens.

We are working on loose leash walking still- he doesn't drag me but I would appreciate a "J" in the leash.
If I am focused on him 100%, he walks like a perfect angel, but if I am busy with something else he likes to pull. 
Just another fun part of puppy raising! 

I really can't believe this kid is already 8 months old! How did that happen?

At his 6 month evaluation, our CFR said that she loved his mellow and easygoing personality. She took him off on a walk and came back with tons of praise! She was actually so impressed with him that she took some pictures to send to the breeding department haha!
I would say that for an 8 month old puppy he is extremely well behaved! I can already leave him alone in the house for an hour or two and he has spent several nights loose in my room without any damage- so far! 

He hasn't really hit puberty yet so I suppose I should hold my praise!


  1. He is absolutely lovely! How was Carries graduation?

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