Thursday, June 14, 2012

Phase Report!

Carrie showed up in phase 0 today! 
I was a little worried that she wouldn't be put directly on the phase reports as Guide Dogs is changing their system and some dogs won't be put into 0 right away.
Here is what she is doing in phase 0:

Phase 0: The Arrival Period
Health screening and kennel socialization
-She is getting her hips, eyes and heart checked
Walks on campus and playtime in an enclosed paddock
Doubling kennelmates that play well together
 Daily grooming  
Medication administration, as needed
Human and dog interactive play or cuddle sessions
Introduction to community run playtime
Kennel enrichment activities

Group's puppies:
Brayden is in phase 6!
Bev is in phase 6!
Ruby is in phase 2!
Ventana is in phase 2!

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