Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hanalei Update!: Hanalei's Life

Today, Hanalei posted a wonderful album of pictures on her facebook!
 I thought I would share them!
(All descriptions are what she posted herself)

This is me trying to cute some coffee out of Caro at a midtown coffee shop. It didn't work. But I like that coffee shop because there are other dogs there too sometimes!!
This is me trying to make one of my favorite people feel better soon ♥ I really like to play with him!! 
This is my best dogfriend Maggie. I met her at Christmas and we had the best fun! So much Mom will never know.... Hehe :D
This is me being my adorable cute self! :D 
This is me being my adorable cute self! :D
This is me snuggling with Andy on the floor :) 
his is me just takin it easy at a River Cats game :)
This is me on my Memorial Day walk that Mom took me on. 
I like to curl up RIGHT next to Mommy because I love her :) 
This is me riding on lightrail with Mommy!! 
I love my red ball! :)

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