Saturday, September 8, 2012

Phase Report...!

An exciting number appeared next to Carrie's name on the Phase Report this week!

Carrie is in Phase 8!!

I'm so very proud of my pretty little girl!

Phase 8 means that she is going through all of her final testing to determine if the trainers think she will make a  safe and efficient guide.  If she passes these tests, she will be matched with her new handler. They will be "In Class" together for 2-3 weeks where they will learn how to work together as a team.

Good job Carrie! And good luck on your tests! Be good!

Carrie's Littermates:

Cameo, as it turns out, will not become a breeder. She was just NOT interested in the whole business behind that haha.  She will be spayed and placed into a string.
Cavalia is in Phase 4
Chip is in Phase 7
As far as I have heard, Cammie has been pulled for breeder

Group's Puppies:

Loomis has moved into Phase 1!
Spruce has still not shown up on the report. We're not really sure what's taking so long for him to be neutered and placed into phase 0... Hopefully he will be on the report next week!