Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick Group Update

I would like to very quickly introduce 4 of our group's newest members.

Welcome to:


Britt is being started by a fellow college student.  Britt is her 3rd puppy! When her raiser's summer is over, she will be finished by her raiser's parents.

Laurel was presented at GDB's San Rafael Fun Day! She is her raiser's first puppy!


Portola is her raiser's 3rd puppy! Her raiser's 2 previous pups were full of energy but Portola is just the pokiest little thing! Quite the difference!

Taos (Pronounce Taus) is his raiser's first puppy. He is enormous- weighing in at 25lbs at 10 weeks! 

It is always exciting when our group receives new members! We are like a big family and I wouldn't have nearly as much fun without them.
Good luck to all of the new puppies and their raisers

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