Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 Things at 7 Months

A little late but a few days ago Carrie turned 7 months!  Last time I weighed her she was about 51 lbs.  It will be interesting to see if she grows much more.
So, in honor of her 7 month-day, here is a list of 7 interesting places she has been since we got her:

1. High School- Carrie has been coming with me to high school since she was about 4 1/2 months.  She has always handled it extremely well.  Each of my classes are between 1 and 3 hours- varying between days.  She is able to remain calm a quiet throughout my classes.
Carrie at school during my lunch break
2. The local hospital- My mom works at the local hospital as a nurse.  On days that she knows she won't be going into surgery she takes Carrie.  Here she is exposed to the different sights, smells and sounds of a hospital. 

3.  Hotels- When I was on my internship with Guide Dogs over the summer we stayed in a Hotel for 2 weeks.  It's good for her to be exposed to other living environments.

4.  Apple Hill-  If you have never been, Apple Hill is like a large Harvest Fair.  There are tons of people, lots of food, other dogs, ponnies, vendors and the occasional ride.  This is the perfect environment to work her with food and dog distractions and work her around ponies.

Carrie ready for the rally decked out in my class color- lime green
5.  High School Rally-  Last week Carrie experienced her first high school rally.  We sat near the door so that if it became too scary we could make a quick exit.  There was loud music, people in costume, drums and games where people ran in front of her.  She was very interested in the begining and then settled in and waited for the "Nice" that meant food was coming.

6.  Dog Class-  My mom takes her mix dog, Kenjii, to dog class on thursday nights.  If I don't have too much homework that night I like to take Carrie to get used to being around many different kinds of dogs.

7. Fire Department-  Every year our club goes to the local fire station to experience the smells and sounds commonly found in a fire department.  A fire man kindly suited up in his gear and breathing apparatus and went around to pet the dogs.  She was just happy that someone was petting her and didn't even notice that he might be a little scary.  She showed interest in the sirens but wasn't scared.

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